Our Shows

Our shows are all entirely non-verbal. The goal is to trigger the imagination of the audience to make their own sense of the dramatic, visual and musical cues of the performance. 

Through a guided Q&A, we create a space for the audience to discuss and articulate the plot in their own words. What did they see? How did they feel? What did they recognise from their own experience?

Every child and every person experiences each workshop differently, always finding new angles and perspectives.

Digital Stripes

While Stripes grew from discussions with primary school teachers struggling with gender divides in the classroom and looking for new ways to encourage collaborative work and inclusive play, the show has blossomed into a broader exploration of what it means to be an individual and find your own voice while still also being part of a group.

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With previous performances at:


Canon Barnett Primary SchoolVirginia Primary School |St. Matthias Primary School |Mowlem Primary School


Netley Primary School | Rosary Primary School | Primrose Hill Primary School | Argyle Primary School at the Royal Academy of Music | St Mary and St Pancras Primary School


Whitehall Primary School|Hillyfield in the Park Primary School|Barncroft Primary School|Riverley Primary School|Willow Brook Primary School|Hillyfield on the Hill Primary School|Coppermill Primary School| South Grove Primary School|Henry Maynard Primary School|Thorpe Hall Primary School

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Where we’re going next

We can perform in classes, assemblies, youth groups, family events and many more… Please get in touch if you’d like us to visit you!